We provide Super Fast Free VPN Service! We are expert in VPN service for many years, our free service is extremely fast, secure and reliable. It's pretty simple to use this PPTP based free VPN in your desktop or mobile devices. PPTP protocol VPN client is bulit in in most of Operation Systems, mobile phones and network appliances, no software installation needed, and no cost for the VPN connection. Here are the VPN account details:

Location VPN Server Protocol Username Password
United States, Florida, Miami us1.superfreevpn.com
[ IP ]
PPTP free Free VPN Account from SuperFreeVPN.com
United States, Illinois, Chicago us2.superfreevpn.com
[ IP ]
PPTP free Free USA VPN Account from SuperFreeVPN.com
UK - England - London uk.superfreevpn.com
[ IP ]
PPTP free Free UK VPN Account from SuperFreeVPN.com
CA - Montreal - Quebec ca.superfreevpn.com
[ IP ]
PPTP free Free Canada VPN Account from SuperFreeVPN.com
NL - N. Brabant - Eindhoven nl.superfreevpn.com
[ IP ]
PPTP free Free Netherlands VPN Account from SuperFreeVPN.com

Please check this page whenever you need access to our Award winning VPN service.

Features of our industry leading Free VPN Service

  • Easy to setup and use - Your security protection is just couple clicks away. All computers and mobile devices have PPTP VPN client build-in, simply setup it and you'll never notice it again if you don't want to.
  • Encrypt and secure your private connection - Where you are at home, on the trip or over public wireless, Super Free VPN encrypts, secures and protects your privacy for all your online browsing activities.
  • Unblock and unrestricted web access - We want everyone to have freedom to access the value content they need, with Super free VPN connected access stays opened and unrestricted so you can roam the web freely.
  • Hiding your online identity from malicious sites - Super free VPN is the most convenient way to hide your location and IP info from being exposed to malicious websites.

Having questions about the free VPN service? Check our configuration page first, you can find most answers over there. If not, feel free to submit your questions, we will be happy to solve your problem. To guarantee every user's equal priority to the VPN connection resource, each VPN session will stay alive for maximum 8 hours. If your VPN get disconnected, please simply reconnect the VPN with new password listed above.

All users are assigned with minimum 5Mbit/s download speed and 2Mbit/s upload speed for each VPN session, it means you can watch youtube true 1080P HD stream video smoothly without buffering or waiting. To maintain a very high quality of VPN service, P2P and BT traffic are not allowed. Also no illegal activities allowed with the free service. In case of abuse, users' VPN access log is subjected to expose to related authorities for example USA Police Department or USA Law Enforcement Agencies.

We suggest you to use Google DNS Servers to avoid DNS hijacking from your local ISP:   DNS Server 1:    DNS Server 2:  Also you can Check your New Location After VPN Connected - www.IPIPIP.Net